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It has been announced that Kanjani8 members- Yokoyama Yu, Murakami Shingo, and Shibutani Subaru- will be hosting NHK‘s documentary show, entitled: “Ashita wa docchi da!” starting this April.

The said show ran for three consecutive weeks last October where Yokoyama, Murakami, and Shibutani also did the
hosting. “Kanjani8 no Ashita wa docchi da!” has been well-received so it will come back as a regular show. The show focuses on ordinary people fighting for “tomorrow” despite the hardships in present-day Japan. The show will follow the same format wherein each host will feature a guest, which they have visited, interviewed, and assisted on site, which will be recorded on VTR. Afterwards, the hosts will share their thoughts in a light studio talk.

Here are the comments of the hosts:

Yokoyama Yu: “I am very glad to be regular. I hope everyone feels the power to live-on every time they watch the program since everyone also struggles and worries. I think that it is a type of program where we can push someone who suffers and say, ‘you can do it if you try’, I want to see lot of people being pushed in that direction.”

Shibutani Subaru: “We are delighted to become regular. I want the show to be made by three of us. And I love to get cheering messages even from one person. Please look forward to it!”

Murakami Shingo: “I’m glad that it’s a program that would remind us of the old times from the last time we did it. I want to feel a new stimulus each week from different people and various places. I think that conflict and tension is unique to any documentary and that we can see that not all are happy endings.”

“Ashita wa docchi da!” will start on April 2nd at 10:55 PM (JST) on NHK.

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