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lilly0 20th-Jan-2013 05:36 pm (UTC)
Ryo, Subaru, Kimura (Shintaku duet release would be cool too :D), Sakamoto - These are the guys who produced/wrote/sang/composed some of my favourite solo songs. I like their solos out of various reasons.
I love Nagase, but he already is the lead-singer of his band, so... :-) (though his unplugged concert was awesome)

All of Arashi!? Seriously? They are one of my fav bands, but... Though, I think Nino would be kinda interesting. Niji <3 Jun, Sho and Aiba though... However, I might just buy a solo release from them, because I like them. (*g*)
With some of the guys it really depends on the genre for me. A musical-song release from Kame would be interesting for example. Most of his solo songs were great!

I personally would love an enka album from Subaru. Or a solo release from Ryo with some of his soft-rock songs.
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