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[GOO Ranking] Johnny’s you’d want to release a Solo Album

18. Aiba Masaki (298 votes)
17. Okada Junichi (306 votes)
16. Masuda Takahisa (331 votes)
15. Higashiyama Noriyuki ( votes)
14. Sakamoto Masayuki ( votes)
13. Nagase Tomoya ( votes)
12. Takizawa Hideaki ( votes)
11. Tegoshi Yuya ( votes)
10. Yamada Ryosuke (743 votes)
9. Matsumoto Jun (758 votes)
8. Nishikido Ryo (916 votes)
7. Sakurai Sho (1116 votes)
6. Shibutani Subaru (1314 votes)

5 - 1Collapse )

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January 20 2013, 18:03:31 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 20 2013, 18:08:55 UTC

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I think Nino should be on Top, because he's the songwriter who has a bunch of written and self composed songs which were never published. Also he really wants to release a solo album with his own work.(That's what he said once in Hanamaru cafe)He even could play all the instruments himself xD But well..4 is okay i guess.
But i don't really get why Ohno is first. Don't get me wrong, i love Ohno. but i'm not that big of a fan of his solos. Don't know why, maybe because i'm not so into R'n'B and such.
I agree with Toma and Kimura though ;)


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