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In the special edition program of NHK, titled: “JOHNNY’s World: Top of the Jpops“, it was announced that the elusive President of Johnny’s & Associates, Johnny Kitagawa,will make his TV debut on NHK’s international broadcasting- NHK World. This is the first time that Kitagawa have agreed to an unprecedented full coverage though Kitagawa’s face will not be shown; NHK said it will still be the 1st time that Kitagawa will be on TV.

Johnny Kitagawa has been producing the most famous idols in Japan for over 50 years, he also achieved his 3rd Guinness World Records last year for “Most Number of Singers who have achieved the No. 1 position Produced by an Individual“.

The program covered the commemoration of Guinness World certification last November during one of the show dates of “JOHNNY’s World” at Imperial Theater. The program also covered some backstage footage and interviews with Kitagawa, who works as the director and producer, in a play involving 180 talents including Hey!Say!JUMP, A.B.C.-Z. and Johnny’s Jr. Kitagawa said that he has a strong desire to bring Japanese entertainment overseas. In one of the interviews, people can see the cast of “JOHNNY’S World” having practice sessions.

JOHNNY’s World: Top of the Jpops” will air on Jan 27th (Sun. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10/ 15:10/ 19:10 (UTC)). Check NHK World for your country’s listings.

Sourc Oricon, Nikkan Sports, and NHK via jenewsdaily

What do you think arama?  is this a good strategy to bring Japanese entertainment overseas?  I think he's only targeting the Japanese, Asian communities who watch NHK.

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