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Currently, from the 24th January to 27th January, AKB48 are having yearly request hour where all 48-related songs are being voted for, and the top 100 songs are performed.
Today, on the 26th of January, ranking in at no. 40 to everyone's surprise, was a solo song, Jungle Gym by Yamamoto Sayaka, NMB48's captain and ace.

The song was a coupling B-side for NMB48's 3rd single, Junjou U-19, released in 2012.
sayanee jungle gym uwahh

Not only did she sing the song live, she also performed an acoustic version of the song with her acoustic guitar (different arrangement from the original recording). Her performance of the song can be seen below.
Source: metachan48

Alternate link just in case:

EDIT: And before anyone else complains this isn't news, she did make the news on her own.

Okay she was a bit shaky/flat especially at the start, but she just got better and better as the song went on.
I'm so prouddd of herrr!!!
Arguably one of the best girls to ever come out of the 48Family <3
AND I've been waiting forever for the live perf of this, and finally, I get it and it's perfect.
All the emotions she put into the songg and her pretty voice!!
I just can't...*is very emotional now*

EDIT: Sorry I don't know what's up with the embed :(
I just left links instead.
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