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[RUMOR] Aiba Masaki leaving Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen?

Watch Shimura doubutsuen 26/01/2013

Aiba Masaki, one of the co-hosts of the variety program 'Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen' since 2004, cried in the last episode. But it was broadcasted in cuts, so the reason he cried is unknown. (it will be shown next week probably)

He said:
19:10 - 誰もいないこのスタヂオで (dare mo inai kono sutadjo de) = In this empty studio(...)
40:30 - 好きなこと最後まで (Suki na koto saigo made) = (Doing) the things I like, till the end(...)

More gifs...Collapse )

Source 1, 2

What do you think this is all about Arama?
& Sorry for my awful English..

EDIT1: Replaced LQ video with HQ video

EDIT2: According to Yamakaze-san's update audiences who attented the shooting said he didn't cry because he is gonna leave TSD. (Maybe he cried because of a sad clip or something) But it's weird because he says 'in this empty studio'. It seems that we won't be 100% sure till next week..
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January 27 2013, 02:13:04 UTC 1 year ago

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Well, there's a few things that are different, for one, with Himitsu, they were announcing the end of the show, it's a bit different if it's just one person leaving.

Also, Shimura Doubustsuen has gone through a lot of regular cast members, as of right now, Aiba, Shimura Ken, Mami-chan and Becky are the only people who have been there since the first episode. And they never really announce to the press that someone is leaving.

And, since Shimura Doubutsuen is on the same channel as Shiyagare (while Himitsu is TBS), when can look at them announcing Arashi hosing 24hr TV within the show before announcing to the press as something that maybe NTV does.


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