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She is known as the popular model Shiina Hikari (17) of gyaru magazine, ‘Popteen’. Despite her cute looks, she loves anime and cosplay, so much that she’s known for her “wota-kei gyaru model” character. Which is unique in that not many gyaru models declare themselves as wota/otaku. She is a new type artist that represents teen culture, and avex’s new ultimate weapon.

The concept for her debut is “Pikarin from the Underworld”. She ascended from the Underworld, to debut in the human world.

And then, she opened her own SNS website which can be read in foreign language with using automatic translation the SNS provides.

It is the SNS for the school “Shiritsu Mayumi Gakuen“, Pikarin attend to there in the human world.

According to officials, many foreigners have joined the SNS already. You can use social account (such as facebook, twitter) to enter the SNS, so it’s very easy to see her daily life.

Please sign up at the “Shiritsu Mayumi Gakuen“ site, and have  a good time with Pikarin!

Shiritsu Mayumi Gakuen SNS

Pikarin cosplays the characters of Madoka in the February 2013 of Popteen magazine

Here are other characters she's cosplayed in previous issues

Puyo Puyo's Amitie, Tokyo Mew Mew's Ichigo Momomiya

Rurouni Kenshin's Kenshin Himura, Evangelion's Asuka

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi's Saitohimea, Gintama's Kagura

Hatsune Miku

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