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Recently, in a theater show, NMB48 unveiled the PV for  one of their new songs, 12月31日(31st December).
This is one of the new songs from NMB48's 1st Album, Teppen Tottande.

NMB48's official channel also uploaded a short version of the PV here.

Full PV for this can be seen here:

They also revealed the covers for the 4 types that will be on sale from the 27th of February 2013.


Type N
NMB48 Teppen Tottande Cover Type N

Type M
NMB48 Teppen Tottande Cover Type M

Type B
NMB48 Teppen Tottande Cover Type B

NMB48 Teppen Tottande Cover Type Theatre

Oooooh I love both the type N and M covers?!
Might get both!! XD

Also, the new song is sooo pretty and emotional.
Been a short time but NMB48 has gone through so much since they were formed in 2010.
And there seems to be lots of symbolism going on in the pv.

But NMB 1st album, I'm so proud. *_*
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