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Soundscan : 2012 Yearly CDs sales ranking is out !!


SoundScan Japan ,has recently revealed the report for music sales in 2012 .This ranking is base on the each version sales for CDs (both Singles & Albums) .
SoundScan doesn't count the sale number for own label stores such as Avex shop (Mumo) and AKB48 's Chara-ani since 48 groups and Avex artists are not selling much in this ranking

According to SoundScan ,top total artist sales in 2012 is popular rock band Mr.Children who sold over 8.8 billion Yen .They also dominated Top 3 the highest selling album .Moreover , all their 5 albums were in top20. Besides ,popular idol group AKB48 ,who ranked No.1 for last year, ranked No.2 in this year .They topped the most selling single as well.

Check out the ranking result below !Collapse )

Single chart have actually dominated by Idol .It has only 2 artists in TOP20 ,lol
Anyway, Misuchiru is very strong with 1 edition XD
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