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Wait, Sakurai Sho, isn't he too fat?

Right after News zero was aired last monday people at 2channel started commenting like:

'When I saw Sakurai I had to laugh, he is too fat'

'My sister watches this show, but lately she stopped watching because Sakurai turned into a fat middle aged guy'

'Sakurai sho has double chin'

'I think he's becoming fat because he is a middle aged guy already'

After that, six new threads were started at 2channel, discussing Sakurai-san’s recent weight gain. Among them, there were also remarks like:

'I don’t know when he started to gain weight, but maybe the weight everybody puts on over the New Year’s holidays hasn’t gone back yet?'

'When you’re becoming an Ossan, somehow your face will get rounder'

'He’s 30 already, isn’t he? It wouldn’t be attractive if a man in his thirties was all skin and bones!'


'His face is really swollen'

'Sho-san really got fat'

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