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4:36 pm - 02/02/2013

New Fairies unit!

Today, Feb. 02th was announced by the Staff, under the Official HP and her Twitter account, the creation of a new unit.

Fairies members, Miki (Shimomura Miki), Miria (Fujita Miria), Mahiro (Hayashida Mahiro) being all in junior high, a new unit called "M3" (emusuri/mthree) was formed!!

Moreover, the decision of the debut single release!
and all the information will be uploaded in the HP, so please stay tuned!!!

Debut Single
March 27th, 2013.

Will be the Ending theme of TBS tv show "Akko ni Omakase!"
from February, March to April. (?)


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I'm very pleased with this unit.
I think the reason these three don't get lines in Fairies' songs is because their voices don't suit Fairies' "Cool" songs.
I may be wrong, but I feel that "M3" songs will be...cute and girly. I may be wrong.

I also think that Fairies' management is not happy with M3 voices. Maybe they put them in a different unit to make their singing improve, and then we will hear them sing in Fairies songs.

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