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Hyomin of the K-Pop girl group T-ARA is set to star in Naoto Kumazawa’s upcoming film Jinx!!!. Kurumi Shimizu (The Kirishima Thing) and Kento Yamazaki (Love For Beginners, Another) will co-star.

Hyomin previously starred in the South Korean horror movie “Ghastly” (Gisaeng Ryung), but this project will mark her Japanese film debut. She’ll play a South Korean exchange student named Ji-Ho who gets to know Kaede (Shimizu) and Yusuke (Yamazaki) at a Japanese university. Kaede and Yusuke can’t seem to honestly convey their feelings for each other, so Ji-Ho takes it upon herself to play matchmaker while teaching them the Korean formula for successful romance.

Filming of “Jinx!!!” will take place from mid-February to mid-March in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, and Korea. It’s slated for release this fall in Japan and will be distributed by Robot Communications throughout Asia.


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