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Tokyo Jihen will release their new DVD “Golden Time” in February.

One year ago, on February 29th, Tokyo Jihen disbanded after almost 8 years of activities. But it seems like that wasn’t the end! They’ve announced the release of a brand new DVD titled “Golden Time” that will drop on February 27th. The DVD features 12 PVs, most of them are from their band activities before breaking up. The DVD version costs 3400 Yen and the Blu-ray version 4100 Yen.

And this is the track list of the new release:
01. Gunjou Biyori
02. Sounan
03. Shuraba
04. OSCA
05. Killer Tune
06. Noudouteki Sanpunkan
07. Sora ga Natteiru
08. Onna no Ko wa Dare Demo
09. Atarashii Bunmei Kaika
10. Konya wa Karasawagi
11. Tadanaranu Kankei
12. Senkou Shoujo (new PV)

Check out the preview of their brand new PV on their official website!

And they will also release a complete CD box titled “Hard Disk” that includes every album they’ve released in those years as well as 9 unreleased songs. It comes with 8 discs and costs 21000 Yen.


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