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Japan’s Lonely “Chocolate Refugees” Ask for a Sweet Donation

Valentine’s Day. It may well be little more than an excuse for chocolate manufacturers to line their pockets, but its popularity in Japan seemingly knows no bounds. For those men in relationships, the day is usually one filled with gifts of fondue toilets and creepy girlfriend-shaped chocolates, but for the singletons out there it’s just another day to feel unappreciated.

But not these young men! Rather than spend February 14 without a little somethin’ sweet, they donned sunglasses and face masks and descended on Tokyo’s Machida station asking for chocolate donations from passers-by. And, would you believe it, they were actually kind of a hit with the ladies.

“I just saw these guys at Machida station!” said one Twitter user, “They really want chocolate! Haha”

Holding hand-written signs reading such things as “Please give us chocolate!”small groups of men could be seen in and around the station asking for sweet donations. And judging by the amount in their hands, they were doing pretty well, too!

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Source: 秒刊 Sunday

Top image via @Morimari0516


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