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kotomichi wall of text16th-Feb-2013 02:09 am (UTC)
lol i'm gonna sound like such a kyary apologist but idt she was criticizing idols/trying to be a special snowflake at all?? the second part sounds kind of iffy, but i think she meant to explain the difference between female idols and herself, rather than criticize idols tbh. like idols' cutesy image is supposed to cater to guys which is why it's more "sexy innocent school girl"-ish whereas her cutesy image is for herself and not to attract male fans, plus it's more "little girl cute" rather than "sexy cute" so it isn't something typically liked by guys (even though there are obvs guys that like it but idk if she's aware she has a lot of male fans, as well...). hence what she's doing is more like what regular artists do, and not what idols do.

or maybe i'm just talking out of my ass oop~~ idk tho, kyary doesn't really strike me as the kind of person that shits on others but then again, it's not like i know her personally
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