Arama They Didn't

ararat010 16th-Feb-2013 04:20 am (UTC)
It's hilarious how she considers herself an artist when she's considerably less involved (not to mention less skilled) in "artistic" activities (singing, dancing, acting, musical performances, etc...) than your average AKB member. And I'm not even talking about top Senbatsu here.
I can take this argument one step further and point out how they don't even use her actual voice to make songs, which means that the only merit she can objectively claim for herself is just her forced gimmicky image (and it's not even something she came up with on her own). How does that make her different from a bottom-of-the-barrel underground idol, now?

Someone must explain to her that idols and artists are not mutually exclusive and what sets the two categories apart isn't just that one is allowed to get dicks in her fanny at all times. And it's not like being given the dick heightens your artistic skills in some way, either. For all I know, her creative control over what she's made to do or say in public amounts to zilch.
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