Arama They Didn't

okadarei 16th-Feb-2013 12:05 pm (UTC)
the idol thing also depends on who uses the word. I mean, there are agencies that call their acts idols and don't put a dating ban on them if they're old enough to date (since there are people under 16 in those agencies too). It's also a thing of what idol fans thing it can be considered idol or not. There are different views on the matter as well, so even if it got lost in translation, Kyary made an statement that cannot be applied to all the female idols out there in Japan.

I wanna ask you something. My friend told me once that the renai kinshi jorei wasn't there when AKB was founded but that later all the members agreed to take on that bow because the newest generacions were signing under it. Is that correct? You seem to know a lot, so I guess you'll know this for sure.
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