Arama They Didn't

jennyhime 16th-Feb-2013 09:58 am (UTC)
I like Koyuki but her image is more of a ice queen so that maybe is something that might make her to be on the disliked list (and the fact that she married Matsuken)
Ugh, Gouriki Ayame was everywhere in Japan. Every time I put on the tv she was there, she's such a bland actress with no charisma she's Takei Emi version II.
Surprised about Miyazaki Aoi, I guess the alleged cheating on her ex husband might have caused some to dislike her but then she's also on the most liked list....
Ayase is such a dork and that's why I like her, I think it was on 5ldk when she told a hilarious story from her childhood which just made me laugh.
But yay for Nanako, Maki and Miho!
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