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Recently, AAA released their concert DVD for their 777 Tour 2012.
They performed a lot of their older hits along with new songs from their 777 album such as Perfect!

Perfect is an all-boys song and for those who did not make it to the live, it would be their first time seeing a live performance of this song.

The song is rather different from AAA's usual style, probably a lot more contemporary, but very easily likable.
So do enjoy!

1. Perfect  (AAA boys)

Alternate link:

Source: S201202231510

If you enjoyed that, here's another 2 of my other favourite perfs that I've seen from the 777 Tour with all 7 of the members, both guys and girls.

2. Daiji na Koto

Alternate link:

3. Jamboree!!

Alternate link:

Hiiii!!!! xD
It's been a long time since I posted something AAA.
Also a long time since I've seen a proper AAA post in arama :3

But I really needed to share the perfs especially Perfect cause it is really as perfect as I imagined it to be!!
Perfect song, perfect boys, perfect performance!

Daiji na Koto was just a really great perf and the way they included the fans in it was really nice.
As for Jamboree!!, perfs of this song is always great but this one was particularly good imo...they were just having loads of fun, and it was just really cheerful and adorable.

Oh goshhh someone bring me to an AAA concert already.!!! Please? :3
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