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[FALSE] Kamenashi Kazuya reportedly still dating Koizumi Kyoko

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Johnny's popular group KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya (23) is reportedly still in a relationship with Koizumi Kyoko (43).

In 2006 this was being rumored from "eye witnesses" saying he was having an affair repeatedly etc. Now that one of two of them are now divorced it provides a obvious possibility. They were caught in a car for 5 minutes in a residential neighborhood, indicating that recently Koizumi has changed residences.

Below is a quote:
"Koizumi's residence is in the Daikanyama a quiet neighborhood, one large apartment is where they're said to be living. Kamenashi in the car for the five minutes arriving and going back and forth from his apartment for a amount of time. His "girlfriend’s” [Koizumi] car a Prius has been continually around the home. It's their "love nest".
(From a Photograph Reporter)

"This is her [Koizumi] latest apartment she's moved to. But for her to move from her previous home on Kanagawa prefecture, Hayama ; a town on the coastland. She has been seen before at a beach location. She originaly wanted to move from her parent's home in Kanagawa prefecture, Atsugi with management's permission, but must have changed her mind."
(From TV Authorizers)

In the spring of 2008, a big new came out, afterwards, a "reconsiliation" [rumored] was between the two.

"Actually, Koizumi was at this "love nest" before going out the two lovers relationship was questioned if it would end or stay. The two, in three month's time were at a restaurant in the city's center, also in a private room. Which is what one eye-witness says they saw was a "loving relationship", if so Kamenashi may speak about this. Generally, Kamenashi's schedule should be considered and may be said in a interview sometime soon."
(From the same reporter as above)

Finally changing residences. "Loving relationship". For now it will be a wonder.

translated by chariotsurin @ arama_translate

*article says that they have broken up NOT that they are still together
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