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Youtuber, Nigahiga makes fake live-action "Naruto: The Movie!" trailer in Japan

In time for Youtube Geek Week, Ryan Higa has put together the much demanded Naruto live-action movie parody trailer. The video was shot and made in Japan in collaboration with Youtube Japan. There he worked famous Japanese youtubers to make the parody trailer.


Written By: Ryan Higa
RHPC: Greg Saniatan, Will Shahan, Sean Fujiyoshi
Produced by: Portal A []
Director: Kai Hasson (Creative Director, Portal A)
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Zach Blume, Kai Hasson (Portal A)
Editing & Visual Effects: Cinesaurus aka Gritty Reboots []
Director of Photography: Catherine Goldschmidt
Producer: Jeff Winkler
Associate Producer: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto
Line Producer: Bruce Nachbar
Production Coordinator: Ichi Watanabe
Gaffer: Chris Freilich
Music: Joachim Horsely
Locations: Masato Yamada
Wardrobe: Hiromi Takeuchi
Makeup/Hair: Kyoko Kawashima
1st AC: Gen Ito
2nd AC: Yuka Eto
DIT: Ivan Kovac
Key Grip: Takeshi Fukushima
Best Boy: Satoshi Sani
Sound Mixer: Steve Yasui
Stunt Coordinator: Daidoji
Production Assistants: Kenji Chris Green, Chris Houtzager
Sound Design: Brent Kiser
Color Correction: Prehistoric Digital
A Special Thanks to SET Japan

Also, big shout out to all the Japan Youtubers that came out for this!


Sasuke - Orson Mochizuki
Rock Lee - Kenroku
Shikamaru - Sean Fujiyoshi

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Tags: anime/animation, international celebrity, japanese netizens
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