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12:39 pm - 10/19/2013

Acid Black Cherry announces the 5th part of his giant tour + listen to his new song

Acid Black Cherry has finally announced the details for the fifth wave of his Shangri-la Tour, a massive 47 prefectures nationwide tour (began summer 2013).

This tour is a part of Project 'Shangri-la'; a project that revolves around the effort to put a smile on the faces of all the people who love yasu's music. This project consists of Acid Black Cherry putting an effort in three simultaneous categories: 1. The release of new songs, 2. Nationwide tours through five separate blocks of Japan, through 5 set spans of time, and 3. Organizing events and opportunities which will allow Acid Black Cherry to interact with fans in each region.

The 1st part, 2nd part, 3rd part and 4th part of this tour, the Hokkaido-Tohoku Tour which had taken place from August till September, the Hokuriku-Koshin-Tokai Tour which is taking place from the end of September till mid-November, the Kansai-Chugoku Tour which will take place from the end of November till the end of December and the Kanto Tour which will take place in February 2014, have already been announced. Finally, this time the details on the times and places for the part 5, Shikoku-Kyushu-Okinawa Tour, going from mid-March 2014 till the end of April 2014 February 2014, have been released.

2014/03/19 (Wednesday)
Ehime: Saijo-city Sogo Bunka Kaikan [Jp]
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

2014/03/24 (Monday)
Tokushima: Naruto Bunka Kaikan [Jp/Eng] 
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

2014/03/27 (Thursday)
Kochi: Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall - Orange Hall [Jp/Eng]
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

2014/03/30 (Sunday)
Kagawa: Sunport Hall Takamatsu - Large Hall [Jp/Eng]
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

2014/04/02 (Wednesday)
Oita: Beppu B-Con Plaza - Philharmonia Hall [Jp/Eng]
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

2014/04/05 (Saturday)
Nagasaki: Nagasaki Civic Auditorium [Jp] 
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

2014/04/08 (Tuesday)
Saga: Saga City Center [Jp]
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

2014/04/11 (Friday)
Fukuoka: Fukuoka Sun Palace [Jp/Eng]
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

2014/04/15 (Tuesday)
Kumamoto: City Center - Sojo University Hall [Jp/Eng]
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

2014/04/18 (Friday)
Miyazaki: Medikit Arts Center - Theatre Hall [Jp]
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

2014/04/22 (Tuesday)
Kagoshima: Houzan Hall [Jp] 
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

2014/04/26 (Saturday)
Okinawa: Okinawa Convention Theater [Jp/Eng]
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

Acid Black Cherry will release his new single, Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~ on November 20th. Last night the song was aired on Tokyo FM's Radian Limited F. You may listen to the song here.

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lady_mercury 19th-Oct-2013 09:41 am (UTC)
y is that map listing the izu islands as a 48th prefecture when they're under tokyo administration.
and fukui is cut in half on that map to be in kansai and hokuriku.
marchlavender 19th-Oct-2013 09:56 am (UTC)
It's just a rough division of the 5 blocks of the tour and while the naming is accordingly to the prefecture, the numbering is actually not representing the prefectures, it just to show where he stops for the tour. That's all. Only to give an idea about the blocks. I wanted to edit it months ago, but have been procrastinating till the end.
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