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Japanese government ministry awards TOKIO

TOKIO’s environmental efforts to clean up Tokyo Bay have been commended by one of Japan’s government ministries, it was announced yesterday, reports Daily Sports and Sports Hochi.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Kanto Regional Development Bureau had awarded the Marine Day Award to TOKIO on August 7 because the group had “helped to spread awareness of the role the environment plays”.

The group had started the “DASH海岸 (DASH Kaigan)” project on their weekly show “ザ! 鉄腕! DASH! (The! Tetesuwan! DASH!)” since April 2009, with the aim to bring back the natural tideland landscape to Tokyo Bay.

Group leader Shigeru Joshima (39), who had attended the award ceremony said it would make him happy if people watching the show would become more environmentally aware.
“We want to keep working to make the sea a place where people can take their children down there to play and feel safe,” he said.

Group member Tatsuya Yamaguchi (38) also added his opinion to Joshima’s goal.
“I want to be able to swim naked there, soak up the sun, and I want to be able to see the fish that used to swim around Tokyo Bay,” he said.

To date, the group’s efforts have brought back some clam species, shrimp, and crabs to the area. 
They were also able to grow seaweed in the area, which was used to wrap around rice balls.  The rice had also been harvested at the group’s DASH village.



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