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Kato Miliyah promotes fashion designer KAWI JAMELE

Yesterday, the fashion designer KAWI JAMELE opened her first store in the Laforet building in Harajuku with a special guest, Kato Miliyah. The popular R&B singer showed up to help greet the new customers.

By 11 AM, there was a line outside the store just to get inside, and they were averaging about 500 guests in each hour. Kato Miliyah made her appearance behind the counter, which stirred some fans to emotional tears. Those who bought some of the western style clothes got to talk to the singer and have their clothes handed to them by her. The fans who saw the singer were quite happy that they had some western style clothing designed by her to take home and enjoy.

KAWI JAMELE said of her clothes, “I wanted to have a powerful brand for strength and beauty.” As a result, she decided to start a brand with Kato Miliyah.

Right now, the designer has the store collection and expanded online options, but she is planning on opening another store on August 27th in Shinjuku, and a Shinsaibashi store on September 10th.


The article is a little confusing, but Miliyah is the desinger/owner of KAWI JAMELE.
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