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Japanese man swims Fehmarn Belt Strait

Japanese man swims Fehmarn Belt Strait

TOKYO, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- A Tokyo man became eighth person to swim the 15-mile Fehmarn Belt Strait between Germany and Denmark and said he was glad to "come home alive."

Yasutaka Kurokawa, 40, swam Aug. 15 from Germany's Fehmarn Island to Denmark's Lolland Island with three judges and a friend following in a boat, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported Monday.

He was the first person from Japan to swim the strait.

"It was really cold. I'm glad I've come home alive. I felt several times that it was beyond the limits of my ability. I'd like to thank the people who supported me," Kurokawa said.

Kurokawa said the stim took a total 6 hours and 24 minutes. (sauce desu + my e-mail)

that's pretty awesome. :) arama, what do you think?
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