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2:23 pm - 09/15/2010

Week's sales charts!

This week's sales charts were no surprise, as two popular boy bands led the way in both the single and album categories. Arashi was #1 in singles, while the new unit formed by three TVXQ members took #1 in albums.

Single Weekly Ranking

1. Løve Rainbow – Arashi 9/8 (528,844)

2. Precious – GLAY 9/8 (63,267)

3. Gohan ha Okazu – Houkago Tea Time 9/8 (52,785)

4. GENIE – Shoujo Jidai 9/8 (44,907)

5. Zutto Maekara – French Kiss 9/8 (40,983)

Arashi's "Love Rainbow" sold 529,000 copies to dominate the charts. Of the group's four singles released so far this year, three have sold more than half a million in their first week. They are very likely to have a fourth when their next song "Dear Snow" goes on sale on October 6.

Including Arashi, most of the top ten singles this week were new releases. GLAY was #2, followed by a "K-On!!" song, then by Korean girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae (also known as SNSD, Girls' Generation, or Shoujo Jidai) at #4. Their song "GENIE" was their first Japanese single, and it set the new record for highest ranking by a debut single of a foreign female artist.

French Kiss (#5), Ai Otsuka (#8), 10-FEET (#9), and WaT (#10) also placed their newest singles in the top ten.

Album Weekly Ranking


1. The… – JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN 9/8 (139,708)

2. Wildflower & Cover Songs: Complete Best ‘TRACK 3′ – Superfly 9/1 (63,828)

3. “B” ORDER LESS – Himuro Kyosuke 9/8 (57,662)

4. Kotoba ni naranai, Egao wo misetekureyo – Kururi 9/8 (33,962)

5. LIFE – Angela Aki 9/8 (25,370)

In the album ranking, the three-member unit JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN was #1 with "The...," selling 140,000 copies. This is their first album since forming earlier this year in the wake of TVXQ's falling apart. They simultaneously released a DVD of their first live concerts that they held in June, and that sold 119,000 copies this past week to rank #1 on the overall DVD charts. They are only the sixth artist (and first foreign one) to simultaneously achieve a #1 album and DVD, with the last one being ZARD in 2006.

Other new albums in the top ten were released by Kyosuke Himuro (#3), Quruli (#4), Angela Aki (#5), Yukari Tamura (#6), clear (#9), and Yuko Ando (#10).

DVD Weekly Ranking (Synthesis)


2. act II+III – 9 mm Parabellum Bullet 9/9

3. ONE PIECE Film Strong World DVD 10th Anniversary LIMITED EDITION – anime 8/27

4. ONE PIECE Film Strong World – anime 8/27

5. Shutter Island – movie (Leonardo DiCaprio) 9/10

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Congrats to all the artists! =D

Specially Arashi, who are celebrating today their 11th anniv'! Way to go guys! =D

EDIT: I added the first five positions according to Oricon... For the full rankings click here!

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yuui1010 16th-Sep-2010 06:54 am (UTC)
Angela Aki ^^
And One Piece .....yay!

And most of all.........Arashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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