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Best fucking five ranks best fucking spot with Japanese online reservation sales

KARA's Japan Best Album Online Reservation Sales was ranked at position #1.

KARA's Best Album which includes 'Wanna' 'Pretty Girl' 'Lupin' which is scheduled to be released on 29 Sept. The album comes in two editions: Normal edition and limited edition. On 11th Sept this album's online reservation sales was ranked at #1 on Japanese Tower Record. Online Reservation sales have already started for about 4 weeks. Despite many Japanese popular artists such as Nakashima Mika,etc have also released a lot of new songs which made the rank drop on the 5 Sept to 7 Sept, but it climbed back up again on 11 Sept and maintained at #1 on 12 Sept as well. There's slight drop on 13 Sept as Kanjani∞ new album was released pushing the sales down to #4 but it's expected to bounce back up the chart again based on the above analysis.

Not only that, on last 1st Sept KARA VACATION which was released in Japan also gained so much popularity. 'KARA VACATION' on Oricon weekly Blue-ray total ranking was at #11, which is by far the highest and newest record for asia division ever since the record achieved by Haramiki Mekumi's Album (Beach Angels in Maui - released 2008) at #13.

Kara will be releasing the second single album on early November in Japan, and is scheduled to release new album in Korea mid-November.
Sports Chosun
Translated by aank1

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