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Goto Maki is criticized for criticizing Tsunku

Sina Entertainment News, 28th of October: According to Japanese news, the recent criticism of her teacher-benefactor Tsunku by a previous Morning Musume member Goto Maki caused a great sensation. Goto Maki, who transferred to and is now under Avex Group, reminisced about her life in Morning Musume, and openly criticized her then producer Tsunku that his way of doing thing were undue and excessive.

Goto Maki joined Morning Musume in 1999, and became well liked because of her outstanding voice and skills, and she was always the center of the group before she graduated in 2002. Yet, not only is she not grateful to her teacher-benefactor Tsunku, she even openly criticized him, and this caused much uproar on the internet.

It’s been said on some Japanese entertainment websites, that when Goto Maki was interviewed and asked about the good points about joining Avex, she said: “The best part about joining is that I’m able to express myself in the way I like, unlike when I was in Morning Musume, I had to do everything according to what producer Tsunku wanted, there was totally no freedom, even though every member had different ways of singing, in the end it all became the same way of singing, even after my graduation, I felt that I couldn’t express my character and personality with those songs, and because of that, after I switched companies, I have been able to sing more naturally and freely.”

Netizens expressed their unhappiness with what Goto Maki said, and even some of her fans felt that she was being ungrateful. On a large scale message board, 2CH, some fans said: “She shouldn’t treat her teacher-benefactor this way? She’s really a person that doesn’t know gratitude.” and they also pointed out that when Tsunku became their producer, Goto Maki just started out, since she has more experience now and is different from before, her producer’s way of doing things will also be different. Tsunku did indeed help Goto Maki turn from a nobody into a popular singer, and she shouldn't forget that.

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