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9:20 pm - 12/10/2010

Ebizo's alleged assailant arrested

Police arrested on Friday a 26-year-old man for allegedly assaulting top kabuki performer Ichikawa Ebizo at a bar in Tokyo in late November.

The Metropolitan Police Department said the man, identified as Rion Ito, a resident of Tokyo, owned up to the assault. He was quoted as saying: "It's true that I punched him. I'll provide details after I've cleared my mind."

Ebizo, 33, at an earlier news conference denied engaging in any act of violence.

Investigative sources alleged that Ito, a former member of a motorcycle gang, punched Ebizo in the face in the early morning of Nov. 25 at a bar in Tokyo's Nishiazabu district and caused him to sustain heavy injuries, including a broken cheek bone.


very_pinku 11th-Dec-2010 04:56 am (UTC)
I think he's half Japanese and half Brazilian from what I have read.
But he grew up in Japan his whole life so I consider him Japanese.

And he's a former bosozoku, not a current one.
From current situations, they're blaming Ebizo, not him so it's not the foreigner mentality in this case.
Ebizo was using it to identify him though.
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