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11:59 am - 12/17/2010


The music scene was very exciting in 2010. BIGLOBE MUSIC held their “BIGLOBE MUSIC AWARDS”, BIGLOBE MUSIC and BIGLOBE Search paired up and the nominations were of artists who were looked up often. BIGLOBE’s site had users vote from December 3~December 13th. In addition to votes cast, artists got points from users who accessed them through BIGLOBE MUSIC. We are now announcing the winners of the 4 categories: Best Artist, Best New Artist, Best Single and Best Album.

Best Artist Award: Perfume

(20s, male, Hiroshima prefecture): “It’s their year to attack”

(30s, female, Shiga prefecture): “I happened to see them a lot on TV this year, and they were in a lot of CM’s too.”

“They have a first class sound, dance performance and live performance. With the strength of their teamwork, I think they could advance to the world!! I’m looking forward to their performances abroad next year too!!”

(30s, male, Shimane Prefecture): “This is appropriate for their 10 year anniversary. Just the 3 of them were able to fill the Tokyo Dome with 50,000 people. They put on a happy performance and they have charm, there’s even more to them than that!!”

(10s, Female, Tokyo): “Tokyo Dome was really fun. I loved everything, the singing, the dancing, the talks!”

Best New Artist Award: Jam9

(20s, male, Shizuoka Prefecture): “They’re really hot! It’s wonderful that they have love for their hometown and they send messages through their songs.”

(20s, male, Shizuoka Prefecture): “I was able to propose and successfully meet her parents through the help of Jam9’s music. They also have really energetic street concerts. From here on out, I’ll support them and praise them highly.”

(30s, male, Aichi Prefecture): “The first time I heard them in my house, I couldn’t stop crying. They have music that really impacts you. I also think AZU and KARA are great.”

(20s, female,Shizuoka Prefecture): “It’s definitely Jam9!! Unity is really proud of them(*^^*) I love them (≧▼≦)”

(10s, female, Tokyo): “Their lyrics are really good. They just debuted half a year ago, but they’ve done so much. And most of all, they thank their family and I really sympathize with them and I think they’ll be more active next year!!”

Best Album Award: Ikimonogakari’s “Ikimonobakari ~Members BEST Selection~”

(20s, male, Fukui Prefecture): “It’s a collection album of everything from Ikimonogakari.”

(10s, male, Osaka): “These are nothing but good songs. One reason this is a great album is because it isn’t just singles, but it has works from their original albums and new songs as well.”

(40s, male, Tokyo): “Even people who aren’t fans should like it.”

Best Single Award: SNSD’s “Gee”

(30s, male, Chiba Prefecture): “Even if you aren’t interested, the song stays in your ears.”

“It’s so CUTE!! Their dances and songs have meaning, I think they’re the best.”

“They’re popular among young people. I wish I had amazing and slender legs like them.”

“After I heard this song, I started to like SNSD!”

“Everything is cute, their choreography, lyrics and costumes☆”

(40s, female, Tokyo): “It’s quite cute♪♪”

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visionfactory1 17th-Dec-2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
I tried watching BudokaaaaaaaaaaaaN! but the in first perfomance I saw they were lipsynching and I was like WTF they got a giant stadium to perform and they lipsynch? I quickly reforwarded the rest of the concert and I saw a lot of talk and more lipsynch but I'm interesed in watching them performing LIVE in a concert as you say, please link me to a live concert performance.
roomgirl 17th-Dec-2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
One of their original songs that they always sing live:

And two covers that they do often at concerts:

yumett 17th-Dec-2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
thanx for the vid. they could/should sing live more often. it's not like they sing out of tune (at least from what i hear from these)...

and i've just realized something i should have guessed. The audience is like 90% male right ? ^^' i didn't realize it until i watched second vid'.
roomgirl 17th-Dec-2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
It's because their dance routines usually get in the way of singing, but their signature vocal sound is hard to replicate live, too. A lot of their early songs like "Foundation" (the first video) weren't as heavy on vocal manipulation as their more recent ones.

And they started out with a majority of male fans, but their female fanbase has gotten significantly bigger, so maybe... 65% male? lmao
chickenbananax 18th-Dec-2010 08:22 am (UTC)
The third video was utterly cute! It's the first time I see Kashiyuka without bangs LOL. And their live doesn't sound bad actually, why not do it often. Btw, I always thought, for performances, those vocal effects were done by adjusting the mic =X
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