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All-girl NMB48 pop group debuts in Osaka, hopes to match success of Tokyo's AKB48

OSAKA -- New all-girl group NMB48 has made its stage debut at a theater by the same name in this city's entertainment district.

Some 240 people flocked to the NMB48 Theater in Osaka's Namba district on the New Year's Day as the16-member pop group -- ranging in age between 12 and 16 -- made its live stage debut. The group hopes to follow in the successful footsteps of their sister group AKB48, based in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

Most of the members are from Osaka Prefecture, including Haruna Kinoshita, a sixth grade elementary school student, who joked during the event, "I still carry a (primary) school backpack," in her Osaka dialect.

Group leader Sayaka Yamamoto, 17, said, "We would like to give a 120 percent effort to our everyday performances."

The live performances will, in principle, take place every day. An official souvenir shop has also opened near the theater.


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