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Hiroki Narimiya portrays Yutaka Ozaki in biographical drama

The life of singer-songwriter Yutaka Ozaki is being dramatized for television for the first time. Hiroki Narimiya (28) will play the role of Ozaki as part of a special drama and documentary project by digital broadcasting station BS Japan.

To commemorate BS Japan's 10th anniversary, the station is producing a mini-drama, tentatively titled "Kaze no Shonen ~ Ozaki Yutaka Eien no Densetsu." The show will be a portrayal of Ozaki's life, using an original screenplay based on a book by Akira Sudo, who was Ozaki's producer.

Ozaki made his debut as a singer in 1983 and became one of Japan's most popular artists, responsible for hits such as "I LOVE YOU," "Sotsugyou," and the posthumous "OH MY LITTLE GIRL." In 1992, the nation was shocked when Ozaki was found dead, at the young age of 26.

The drama will cover Ozaki's life from the age of 16, when he first met Sudo through an artist audition. The show is expected to air on TV Tokyo in late March.

In addition to the drama, BS Japan is producing a documentary program, which will include some footage of Ozaki that has never been released to the public before. That documentary will air on BS Japan on February 12.

Sources: Tokyograph, Oricon
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