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Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri on “Waratte Iitomo!”

Previously, we reported that Hey! Say! JUMP members Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri would be appearing on “Waratte Iitomo!“, and we recently found the video of their appearance! They made their appearance on the corner of “Telephone Shocking“, and had a talk with the main host, Tamori.

The boys talked about how they ended up entering Johnny’s Entertainment, the way they spend their days off, etc. They introduced Kanjani8’s Yokoyama Yu as the next guest (for next Monday) on “Telephone Shocking”, as the guest of the day has to name the next guest on the “Telephone Shocking”.

The video can be viewed here.

Here's a bit of the translation :)

Tamori (T) : “Why did you guys entered Johnny’s?”
Yamada (Y) : “My parent applied for it, and now I’m here without notice.”
Chinen (C) : “I decided to enter JE by myself, because I admire Arashi’s Ohno-kun, and it was my dream to be Johnny’s since I was little.”

(T) : “What do you do when you have free time?”
(C) : “I don’t leave house. I try to go out, but I alway end up staying home, because I can’t be bothered to go out.
(Y) : “I, on the other hand, love to go out.”
(C) : (Chinen explained how he feels this way about everything except something he likes, such as HSJ’s activities.) Someday, I might be saying, ‘it’s troublesome to walk’, and ask Yamada to carry me on his back.”

(T) : “Don’t you have any hobbies?” (to Chinen)
(C) : “Not really…maybe nap?”
(T) : “If you were not in Hey!Say! JUMP, then you would be doing nothing?”
(C) : “I really think if I wasn’t in HSJ, I would have been unemployed, staying home all day long.”

(T) : “How about you?” (to Yamada)
(Y) : “I’m currently studying Korean.”
(Y) : “You should find something too.” (to Chinen)
(C) : “Yes. I should.”

Yamada & Chinen mimic a comedian “Tanoshingo” for a viewer’s request. (it's this one -- around 2:01)

A full translation can be viewed here.

Sources: Tokyohive, Youtube, Youku
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