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AKB Maeda's "Is anyone injured?" 110 Experience

The 10th is “#110 Day”, popular idol group “AKB48”’s Maeda Atsuko (19) became the Metropolitan Police Department’s Communication Instructions General Manager for a day and read their motto “#110 Protecting This Neighborhood The Areas’ Eyes” loudly.

Maeda visited the police departments’ instruction center in her uniform and did a mock example of what to do when someone calls saying there is a robber. She calmly listened after asking, “Is anyone hurt? How many criminals are there?” by using the police radio.

Maeda stated her thoughts, “It’s hard to catch all of the person’s words and you have to quickly report info to them”.

According to the police department, last year 1,759,804 calls were placed to #110 and it was about the same the year before. About 30% of the calls were non-urgent. The police department states, “If you want to consult something or have non-urgent questions, please dial the police at “#9110”.”

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo
Tags: akb48

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