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New Mini-Album by Aya Kamiki!!

Rock-pop singer Kamiki Aya announced on her official website that she was going to be releasing a new mini-album titled “EVIL ÄLIVE”!

The mini-album will follow the footsteps of her last release, “GLORIOSA”, and deliver a hard-hitting rock sound, showing the duality of Kamiki Aya both as an artist (girly but manly rock) and as a person (a girly “uncle” type who likes to drink and gamble). The title itself is also a palindrome with a special meaning that Aya wants to convey with her upcoming release.

“EVIL ÄLIVE” includes six new tracks from the artist for a total of seven songs: EVIL ALIVE, oneweek, Yell, Again, cross over, and Japanese Rock’n Girls. Fans can pre-order the album on mu-mo or wait until the album drops on March 9th.

Source: 1 & 2

FUDGE YEA!!! *huggles Aya poster*

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