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DAIGO Praising Feel of Safety at Audi Compact Car Presentation

For the release of the "Audi A1" by Audi Japan KK, a special event has been held recently in Tokyo under the title of "Urban egoist A1 Night in SHIBUYA" to which BREAKERZ vocalist DAIGO had also been invited as a guest along with the fashion models appearing.

Even before the appearance, DAIGO said about the test drive that it felt really cool and that there was a certain sense of stability, when going at high speed.

He also addressed his aims for 2011, on which he stated: "This year we are entering the 'Daisakkai'*, so it's better not to overdo things."

* 'Dasakkai' is a term in fortunetelling and stands for an "unlucky" period.

Also, since this year is the year of the bunny, he was thinking of making this year "bunnish", yet DAIGO is apparently still seeking out the possibilities.

And while the comment might be a little hard to grasp, we hope for more activities from BREAKERZ this year as well.

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