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Tsuji Nozomi re-opens the comment section of her official blog

Tsuji Nozomi has announced that she decided to re-open the comments section on her official blog.  Back in August of 2010, she stopped allowing comments on her blog because of the harsh comments she received sometimes, especially since she was pregnant with her second baby at that time.

According to Tsuji, “It’s been about two weeks since I gave birth to my second baby.  Although it’s my second baby, there are many things I don’t know about, so I would like to get advice for future reference from mothers who read my blog, and I decided to re-open the comments segment starting today.

I understand there may be harsh comments, but including those opinions, I still want to receive advice.  Of course, I hope that I can be a help for people having trouble as well, although I may be useless.

On the blog entry for the announcement, she received over 3000 comments, with most saying how they were waiting for it to be re-opened.

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