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Aoi Sora to debut as a singer in China

“Sexy talent” (JAV star) Aoi Sora will debut as a singer in China, and her debut song will be titled, “毛衣 (Sweater)”.  It is scheduled to be released on January 20th as a digital single.

Aoi’s huge popularity in China started being reported in Japan around April of 2010.  When Aoi opened her official Twitter, a flood of Chinese followers rushed to it even though the social networking medium is restricted to access foreign SNS in China.  Her popularity grew further because she called for donations through Twitter when the big earthquake occurred in China in April of the same year.

Aoi has also opened account on the big Chinese portal site, “新浪 (sina.com)”, which is like Chinese Twitter, and six hours after she opened it, her followers reached to 130k.  Aoi has been posting comments in Chinese and English, and at the moment (January 17th), she has about 930k followers.

Her first song will be a ballad track, and all of the lyrics are in Mandarin.  Aoi recorded the song over the course of two days while getting guidance from a translator on the pronunciation.

It has not been decided if the song will be released in Japan as well.

Source & Image: Oricon Style and tokyohive

More power to her.....

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