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Sawajiri Erika keeps dodging questions, goes on a diet

The media’s obsession over actress Sawajiri Erika’s marital status was driven by her insistence in staying mum, but it seems like she’s finally realized that she has to say something to the reporters. Unfortunately, the statements she provided were not the ones the reporters were looking for.

On Sunday, reporters intercepted the actress once again in front of her apartment, just as she was returning from a beauty salon. Evidently, she was in a good mood and gave them trivial details. “My body weight has increased by 20% in Barcelona, so I decided to go on a short diet,” she said. When reporters asked her to give them a statement about the status of her divorce procedures and/or her comeback, she just told them “I don’t know” and switched the topic.

On this same day, Fuji TV kept repeating their story about Sawajiri from their news and gossip show, “Mr. Sunday“. They’ve been the only ones who managed to get something like an interview out of the actress since her return. During this interview she said, “I’ve rented a new apartment in Barcelona. It’s for me alone.”

Her comment is somewhat contrary to the recent rumors about a possible reconciliation with her spouse, and reporters have been driving themselves mad with their quest for a clear answer. However, whenever they kept mentioning the rumor, Sawajiri just giggled and bent her head – whatever she was trying to express by that.

Sawajiri is supposed to hold a press conference on January 23rd, but it’s pretty certain that reporters are going to keep prodding her with questions until then.

Source: Sanspo and tokyohive

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