Gator Yoong (gator_yoong) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Gator Yoong

Ishikawa Rika Releases Photobook On Her Birthday

Talent Ishikawa Rika (25) will release her photobook “Lucky ☆”(3150 yen, ~38 USD) on her 26th birthday on the 19th.

Last October she did the photoshoot in San Francisco. She dressed up as a foreign exchange student doing dance and has a dance scene in her leotard. She also shows minimum bikini shots under the west coast’s sun. It’s fully loaded with Rikacchi’s charm. She said, “I’ve wanted to go (to San Francisco), so I was really excited. I want you to experience this Ishikawa Rika.”

On the 19th at 7pm, she will have a sales event in Tokyo’s Fukuya Bookshop Subnade.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo

(I didn't know she was referred to as Rikacchi now instead of Charmy...)
Tags: rika ishikawa

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