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Nana Mizuki's painful life

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Popular j-pop singer and seiyuu Nana Mizuki will be releasing a self written autobiography on her birthday (January 21st). For the first time she reveals in-depth details about her painful childhood which included strict singing training from her father (starting at 5 years old) and being sexually harassed by a teacher.

Sponichi newspaper wrote an article about the upcoming autobiography, short summary under the cut.

1. Strict training from her father. You heard about it, but how strict?

Nana’s dad was a dental technician with abandoned dream to become an enka singer.. so he Spartan-trained 5-year-old Nana instead. With all machine noises in dentistry she had to sing at least 10 songs everyday louder than that, because daddy believed “You can’t be an enka singer if you depend on microphones. Singing training in an unsupportive environment will help.” Even when she had 39C fever, training continues with special menu.

“When I wanted to cry, I’ll cry alone so nobody would notice.”

It went on for 10 years until she graduated from middle school and moved to Tokyo.

2. Bullied in school.
Even with strict training, Nana grew up loving to sing more than anyone. Her favorite TV programs were music shows “NHK Throat Pride” and “The Two’s Big Show“; young Nana didn’t really have much trendy stuff to talk about with other girls in school. They know about her dream to become a singer… they would ask Nana for her autograph then write “WANNABE” next to it; making fun of her and her dream… causing a trauma that whenever she signs she’d feel a little anxious.

3. Poor life and sexual harassment.

Moving to Tokyo for high school, Nana had 30k yen/month living cost allowance. I have no idea how she survived. Well she wore socks with hand-sewn patches. Then there’s her “enka teacher” who sexually harassed her. She didn’t specify what kind (maybe in the book?), but “definitely not a joke” kind.

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