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AKB48's New Unit

Idol group AKB48 held the 2nd day of their concerts “AKB48 Request Hour Set List 100 2011” on the 21st at Tokyo’s SHIBUYA-AX. It was there that they had a surprise announcement; a new 4 member unit called “Not yet”.

During the encore they caused a big commotion. Last June fans voted in the “2nd Senbatsu General Election”. Oshima Yuko (22) placed 1st in the election, Kirahara Rie (19) placed 16th, Sashihara Rino (18) placed 19th and they’re the members of the new unit. Sashihara giggled while introducing her new unit, “We’re a unit whose general election average is rank #12 . I can’t deny how nice it is to work with Oshima Yuko”.

5 AKB sub-units have had their major debut. No Sleeves’s first album ranked #1 on Oricon’s weekly ranking and French Kiss’s newest song came in 1st on the daily ranking. Oshima then called out Yokoyama Yui (18) who was just promoted from Kenkyuusei (Research Student) last October, “We have one more member to introduce”. These 4 girls performed their debut song “Shuumatsu Not yet”, which will go on sale March 16th. Around 1,000 people were gathered and loudly cheered for them.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo
Tags: akb48, debut

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