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The on hiatus Hikaru Utada submits a song to Niconico Douga?!

This year, popular artist Utada Hikaru puts her activities on hold. It looks like we won't be hearing any new songs from her for a while, we think...

But on video streaming site Niconico Douga, a singing voice that is exactly the same as Utada Hikaru's has appeared singing the Vocaloid song "KOKORO". The lyrics tell a painful story and was originally composed by TravoltaP. The video on Niconico Douga has reached over a hundred thousand views.

But the video does not actually have Utada Hikaru singing in it. Using the software "Jinriki Vocaloid", the uploader, WataridoriP, managed to capture the character of Utada's voice and turned it into usable voice bank.

Though the uploader managed to capture the character of Utada's voice, it doesn't sound anything like the real Utada's singing. But it is an accomplishment none the less. Here are some of the video comments:


"Wow, I'm hooked"

"Amazing (lol) This made me smile."

The other comments were filled with similar high praises.

Fans of Utada Hikaru may be able to look forward to more videos like this in the future.

The song with "Utada"'s voice.

The original song, with Vocaloid Rin Kagamine.

niconico news
soshitebokuwa on youtube
strayshape on youtube
translated by kimivalkyrie

not a vocaloid fan, but impressed that someone made the effort of making an Utada voice bank that actually sounds like her. of course no technology will ever match the goddess Utada's singing voice. Utada herself tweeted that the producer did a good job, lol.
Tags: technology, utada hikaru

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