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Monkey Majik - 夢の世界 [BeeTV Drama Special vers.] feat Riisa Naka

This song is included in Monkey Majik newest album Westview that will be released next week, 2/2/2011.

Westview tracklist:

1. Angel
2. The Man You Were
3. Sunshine
4. 夢の世界
5. 魔法の言葉
6. Runaway
7. Disco Girl
8. Wonderland
9. Everything is going to be alright
10. the party's over
11. One Day
12. Safari
13. If I Knew
14. HALO

source: cdjapan + youtube

Excited for this! Excited for new songs, bunch of new songs! Hopefully they will release a PV where Monkey Majik members will be in it (better be in a different song), although this BeeTV drama looks amazing!
Tags: monkey majik, pv

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