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Miu Sakamoto to release new album in May


Japanese musician Miu Sakamoto, who is probably known for being the daughter of legendary musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and also Akiko Yano, revealed via Twitter that she will release her seventh album on May of 2011. Exactly a year after releasing her sixth studio album "Phantom Girl" in May 16th of 2010. The new album, like her previous one, will also be a collaboration with Chinese-American producer Dave Liang. Who is known for being the mastermind behind The Shanghai Restoration Project. He has also worked with other Japanese artists such as MEG and Emi Meyer.

Miu Sakamoto's Official Twitter

Miu Sakamoto actually confirmed the new album via Twitter personally to me. As I wrote in my blog about her, and sent her a Tweet to check it out. She read the post, thanked me, and announced the new album! SO YES ARAMA, consider this ~inside exclusive news~! I still can't believed she replied to me. ;_; I can die happy. Phantom Girl was pure bliss, she makes a great team with Dave! So I can't wait for how the new album will sound like! Anyways, here's her PV for "Phantom Girl's First Love" for those who haven't seen it. :'D Just to give you guys a taste of what the new album may sound like~

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