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KARA New CM and their demands has been revealed

The three members of KARA have finally revealed their demands in their contract adjustments with DSP Media, with the two main points being to shorten the contract time and having a modification in the board of directors.

With the three members having a contract that still lasts another 3-4 years, the trio has demanded their contracts be shortened to July of 2012 instead, as they would like to end their contract at the same time their contract with Universal Japan ends. They have also requested a more professional management team, as well as a transparent accounting system.

In addition, the three have requested for the resignation of the wife of CEO Lee Ho Yeon, who had been his replacement since last year after he fell into a coma. The trio would also like for a new system, whereby their legal representative could participate in the group’s accounting and contract audits.

It was later announced that DSP Media would agree to only partially meet their demands. A representative stated, “Isn’t demanding a shortening of their contract and a change in directors a bit too much? For reinforcing the management team and making a transparent accounting and contract system, if the members are willing to come back and discuss further, then there are possibilities that they can be partially accepted.”

Also a new song "Jet Coaster Love"  is featured in a new CM for Men's TBC.

And their drama URAKARA had ratings of 1,7% in its 2nd episode.

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