Gator Yoong (gator_yoong) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Gator Yoong

SM☆SH Gives Fans Business Cards

Last October, 5 member Korean group SM☆SH had their major Japanese debut. On the 26th, their 2nd single "TRUE LOVE" went on sale and they're having a PR event at Tokyo's Tower Records Shibuya store.

500 people came to their 2 performances. They performed "TRUE LOVE" as well as 3 other songs. The group also gave their fans business cards for the first time. This day was also Han Bang (22)'s birthday, so they brought a cake out for him. They all smiled and said, "We're happy so many people came to congratulate us on the day our CD goes on sale". From the 28th until the 30th, the group will be having a free live at Tokyo's Ikebukuro Sunshine Funsui Plaza.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo

(They entered Oricon at rank #18 today.)
Tags: music/musician

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