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THE BAWDIES to release a collaboration single with AI

Rock band THE BAWDIES held the final stage of their nation tour at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on January 29th.

For the encore, they welcomed singer AI as a surprise guest, and announced that a collaboration single between THE BAWDIES and AI, titled "LOVE YOU NEED YOU" will be released on March 30th. They performed the upcoming single together for the fans, and AI introduced THE BAWDIES as her brothers. The vocalist of the band, ROY, also said, "We are not connected in blood, but souls."

"LOVE YOU NEED YOU" will be produced by NAOKI, the guitarist of LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, and for the follow up tracks, there will be "WHAT YOU SAY," which has the horn section (first time for THE BAWDIES), and "HIT THE ROAD JACK," which is the cover of Ray Charles's song. AI will be participating in "HIT THE ROAD JACK" as well.

source: oricon via tokyohive

i can't wait to hear this
Tags: ai, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei)

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