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11:19 am - 02/05/2011

Former AKB48 member Yamaguchi Riko’s younger sister to also debut as a porn star + NSFW SCANS

Yesterday it was announced that the younger sister of former AKB48 member, Nakanishi Rina, who decided to become a porn star under the alias “Yamaguchi Riko”, is going to follow her sister’s footsteps and debut as an “AV idol” as well.

It already caused quite a ruckus when the first snapshots of the “hair nude” pictures of her younger sister got leaked onto the Internet, but things became even more interesting when people realized that the pictures were from the monthly magazine of major porn label “Soft on Demand” (SOD), announcing her official adult film debut in March.

She will be going to make herself a name in the porn industry as “Yamaguchi Riku“. Meanwhile, a few people have already started the discussion that the supposed sister might just be a girl with a similar face, but old fans from Nakanishi Rina’s AKB48 days have no doubt that it is her real younger sister.

SOD has already opened an official site promoting her debut DVD, which will go on sale on March 5th, along with a teaser (safe for work) that you can watch below.  More details, if you are curious, will be added to the site starting on February 18th.

What are your thoughts on this development?  From rumors to ethics to culture, there are a myriad of topics to breach with this issue.

lightspeedsquid 5th-Feb-2011 08:20 pm (UTC)
... i'm okay with this :Q__
purple3purple 5th-Feb-2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Me too, though tbh I don't think the pics are very good (not terribly flattering or erotic)
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