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3:32 pm - 03/08/2011

Koda Kumi's dog Rum passed away

Koda Kumi recently left a message on her fanclub "Playroom" revealing that her dog Rum passed away. Rum became quite popular with fans due to it appearing in some photoshoots and pvs.

Rough translation of the Playroom message

Excuse-me for the sudden report.
On February 22nd 2:28 AM Rum died.
But because I was in the middle of promotions, I didn't want to worry everybody with this report.
During the summer, 3 years ago, his heart got bad, he was resisting while taking medicine.
I said it would be good if he makes it until last years Christmas, but he made it until February.
For me, it was hard to accept the reality. I think
Even now it's hard to accept it but, I had to tell it to everyone before the tour start.
I think Rum is watching me from the heaven.

source translation by hikki-kun @ JPM
senshicalico 8th-Mar-2011 11:32 pm (UTC)
nuuuu not rum =(

All the stars' dogs are dying this past year. Ayu, Gackt, now =(
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